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Open ADC is good news for service providers.

October 21, 2009

Service providers have been locked in to the feature set offered by vendors as they try to satisfy varied needs of different customers.  With an open source application delivery platform, they are able to monetize their knowledge of specific customer needs, by easily writing services that will run on the multi-service and multi-tenant platform.  For starters, offering same services that are offered by current ADC product vendors, becomes much easier on the Open ADC platform due to the following reasons:

1. Capital expense goes through the roof  as Service Providers deploy stand alone ADCs, from current vendors, for each customer.  Open ADC platform allows them to deploy a soft ADC per customer, or deploy multiple customers on Open ADC running on specialized hardware with total isolation amongst customers.  This cuts the cost of running the environment tremendously, increasing service provider’s margins.

2. Service providers are able to sell ‘On Demand services’ with Open ADC. For example, if a customer needs SSL encryption offload during peak selling time for an e-commerce application, and not at other times, this need can be easily met with Soft Open ADC.  Meeting  this need with current ADC products is not possible as the service provider has to buy physical hardware for offering services.

3. Service providers can easily up sell new services.  If a customers’ services are deployed on an Open ADC platform, adding another service in the ‘service chain’ for that customer does not cost much.  Therefore, service providers can offer services on a trial basis, as they look for new revenue streams.

4. Service providers will have more services to offer as independent developers will write niche services for specific customer segments.