Why do we need an Open Source Application Delivery Controller?

Organizations of all sizes deploying ‘Applications’ which allow their members to complete business work flows, are spending a lot of money on network services.  They face several challenges as they depend on network services solutions from established vendors in the space.  Many of these challenges are addressed by an Open ADC platform as discussed below.

1. Vendors can not produce special features for disparate specific needs of all organizations.

Many organizations have very specific needs, but it is not profitable for vendors to consider their features, as vendors try to address the needs of the general market.  No body is at fault here as vendors have to consider the cost of developing a feature against revenue potential. Niche portion of the market can not yield enough revenue to justify developing the feature.  However the organizations do have a real need.  Where do they go to get their needs met?  Open ADC comes to the rescue!  Smaller independent teams will emerge and will write services on the Open ADC platform to service the niche market.

2. Users end up paying for what they don’t need.

Several users end up paying for features they don’t use since network services products are delivered as a bundle.  Many pay for performance they don’t need as vendors supply fixed form factors.  Once again, Open ADC comes to the rescue, as users will be able to deploy only the services they want on the platform.  Furthermore, Open ADC platform will give them the choice to deploy their services in a virtual machine or on a standalone system or an ATCA chassis with acceleration technology.

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